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Lexan Labels

We can offer Lexan labels in 75µm to 630µm thickness’s.

Lexan is commonly used for high precision electronics and control systems, including graphic overlays were quality is required.

Lexan is a brand of polycarbonate material made by GE (General Electric) with a range of particular chemical and physical properties.

Standard thickness’s available are:

  • 75µm
  • 125µm
  • 175µm
  • 250µm
  • 375µm
  • 500µm
  • 630µm

Key Performance Features

Lexan labels and overlays offer the following key features:

  • Heat Resistance
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Water Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance

Medical Labels

Lexan labels are commonly used in the medical sector. See more.

Aerospace Applications

Specific grades of Lexan are often specified for use in aircraft because they are lightweight, flame retardant and comply with a number of flame and smoke requirements including:

  • Vertical Burn Tests
  • Heat Release Tests
  • Smoke Density Tests
  • Toxicity Tests

Lexan labels can be found all around an aircraft including:

  • Aircraft Seating
  • Cockpit Linings
  • Window and Door Surrounds
  • Lavatory Interiors
  • Galley Areas
  • Cabin Signs including Illuminated Signs (seatbelts etc)

Optical Clarity

Lexan is often specified for its optical clarity when used as a graphic overlay for electronic instruments that overlay digital display units and instrument light indicators.

Outdoor and UV Performance

Standard Lexan is not recommended for outdoor use as it suffers from UV exposure causing discolouration. However, we can offer higher specification Lexan materials for outdoor use and UV (sunlight) exposure as well as other alternative materials. For more information, please contact us.

Graphic Overlays

Instructional Labels


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