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Metal Labels

We can supply screen printed metal labels.

Metal labels can be provided in aluminium composite, stainless steel or brass with either a brushed, matt or mirrored finish.

Aluminium Labels

Aluminium labels can be supplied anodised with a screen printed overlay. They are ideal for harsh environments where the label is required to last for many years, often the lifespan of the item applied to.

Aluminium labels are often used on machinery, engine compartments, boating equipments and farm machinery. We can offer informational labels and informational labels with blank areas for serial numbers and deails that can be later completed by the customer.

Labels can be supplied with holes for direct fixing such as screws or rivets as well as adhesive backing for direct application.

Aluminium Asset and ID Labels

Aluminium labels are commonly used for marking assets with either punched serial numbers, screen printed information such as web sites, barcodes, serial numbers and telephone numbers or even etching.

Stainless Steel Labels

Stainless steel labels can be supplied etched with paint infill, These labels and nameplates are suited for very harsh environments and for use of capital plant where serial coding must remain intact along with other important item information such as supplier details, emergency contact details and warning information. Etched stainless steel labels are often used in process engineering facilities, the petrochemical sectors and in mining and quarry extraction operations.

Brass Labels

Brass labels are ideal for traditional applications such as garden furniture, pleasure craft and high value goods where either an aesthetic or a touch of added value is required. Brass labels and nameplates are etched and paint infilled.

Graphic Overlays

Instructional Labels


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